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Roth IRAs

  • Established in 1998, named after former Senator William Roth, chief legislative sponsor
  • Provides retirement savings opportunity on a tax-advantaged basis
  • Main Advantage – Tax-Free Income Potential
  • Main differences to traditional IRA
    • No deductible contributions
    • Owner has no Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)
    • Tax-free income with qualified distributions
    • Generally, must meet both of the 2 following conditions
      • Distribution takes place at least 5 years after 1st contribution to a Roth IRA and
      • Roth IRA owner has attained age 59 ½

    Conversion Opportunities

    • Converting from a tax-deferred retirement account to a Roth IRA
    • Income taxes paid on conversion
    • 10% premature distribution penalty does not apply
      • If taxes are paid outside of IRA assets

      What Accounts Can Be Converted?

      • Individual Accounts
        • Traditional IRAs
        • Inherited IRAs (taken over as their own from deceased spouse)
      • Self-employed/small business accounts
        • SEP IRAs
        • SIMPLE IRAs
      • Employer accounts from previous job
        • Rollover IRAs
        • 401(k) plans
        • 403(b) plans
        • 457 plans

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